World of Tyresse

In 2019, Tyresse emerged, previously recognized as 'Drip Store,' founded by Byron Tyresse Rennie. Originating as a hip-hop jewellery brand, our narrative unfolds over four years, culminating in a purposeful rebrand. Committed to reshaping the landscape of fashion sustainably. Our mission is to produce enduring, timeless and impeccably crafted pieces.
Tyresse's Mission is to become the go to fashion house for the modern man and women.
Our Values.
Giving back: Tyresse believes in giving back to the communities in which it operates, supporting local charities, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

Creativity: Tyresse celebrate individuality and creativity in all aspects of the brand, from Customer service to Product design.

Sustainability: Tyresse promotes sustainable practices and reducing the brand's environmental footprint.

Craftsmanship: Tyresse aim to use only the highest quality materials to produce their products.

Innovation: Tyresse embrace new technologies and push the boundaries of design.