Why we renamed 'Drip Store Worldwide' Tyresse

Renaming 'Drip Store' Tyresse and why we took this turn.

In 2019, Byron Tyresse Rennie (Known at the time as 'Neeko' an upcoming rapper from manchester, England) had purchased a mens ring and jewellery set from a london based company called omniore and faced several issues including rapid tarnishing and stones becoming lose and falling out, after several attempts to contact omniore to replace or repair the jewellery i was blocked by omniore. Being a rapper, jewellery is a crucial part of the look so i continued pursuing affordable mens jewellery from other brands but how things unfolded next would see a regular day for Byron reveal the next chapter of his life and the growth of a new one, Drip Store.

After searching endlessly for brands that provided high quality mens fashion jewellery that did not tarnish or turn my fingers and neck green i came across a manufacter which not only offered affordable mens jewellery options also offered a lifetime gaurentee on any jewellery i purchased with the promise the quality is up with some of the best brands in the fashion jewellery industry. I sourced just 4 items to begin as to test the quality and to assure my soon to be clientele would not expierience the issues that led me to pursue fashion jewellery. I then took to the local library where i printed a survey on 2 A4 sheets of paper in black and white. After asking multiple people in my area for their opinion on 'which item of jewellery they would purchase if i had them in my hands" i came at three winners, the white gold tennis chain, the iced star ring and the iced fashion watch. i placed an order for these items that same week and 'Drip Store' was officialy in motion. 

Fast forward 4 years, 2023 and Drip Store is still running strong with a rollercoaster of expieriences in the fashion industry. In late 2022 Byron concepted, designed and released his first streetwear collection under 'Drip Store'. After gathering extensive feedback on the designs, style and fitting of my first collection i went back to the drawing board with one thing heavy on my mind. 'The Name No Longer Fit's The Vision.' that was the feedback i had hear several times, the fitting, colourways and fabrics had nothing but positive reviews however the branded lettering was not something that our clients wanted to wear to represent themselves. I spent several nights unable to sleep due to the shear anxiety of rebranding my business, new webite, new logo , new identity, new packaging, overall a completely new approach. My mind flooded with thoughts 'will this help the business flourish?' 'will this kill the business?' 'what would i rename the brand?'

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