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Request a Jewellery Repair with Tyresse.

Our jewellery repair service is easy to use and covered by a guarantee. Postal Jewellery repair is one of the quickest way to get your jewellery repaired by one of Tyresse's experts. With Tyresse your jewellery could not be in safer hands. We treat every piece of jewellery that comes into our workshop as if it were our own.

Whatever your jewellery repair from clasp replacement, re-tipping, stone setting, ring claw replacement, damaged bracelets, broken necklaces and broken chains to re-plating, jewellery restoration, ring repair, and cleaning and polishing. Tyresse will give your jewellery a second life.

How to get your jewellery repaired

Sending your jewellery to Tyresse couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us to request one of your jewellery repair. Please include details of the repair and what item of jewellery needs repairing, how it was damaged and what material's the jewellery contains. We will call you with a quote and give you our opinion on what jewellery repairs are required.

If you are happy for us to proceed with your jewellery repair.

You ship the product to us at your own expense (we recommend using a tracked and signed for service for valueable jewellery.) We carry out the repair and return your repaired jewellery item/s to you using a tracked and signed for service ensuring your jewellery arrives safe and secure.

Should you not wish to proceed with the repair there are no charges or fees.

Jewellery Clasp Replacement

If you have a piece of jewellery you are unable to wear because the clasp is broken, we offer a clasp replacement service. Tyresse's Jewellery experts will replace your broken clasp with the same precious metal that your jewellery item is made from. Tyresse recommend regularly inspecting your jewellery making sure to check the clasps on all your jewellery are not worn or loose.

Jewellery Claws Re-tipped

All Jewellery is prone to wear and tear with everyday use. Over time this can lead to the claw's on your jewellery wearing down or even breaking off, which can result in stone's becoming loose or falling off. Tyresse's Jewellery expert's can re-tip or replace broken claws and check for weaknesses and deterioration. Make sure to regularly check your jewellery and if the claws seem worn down contact us for an expert opinion.

Jewellery Stone Replacement

If you have lost a stone from any piece of jewellery, whether a diamond, lab diamond or cubic zirconia stone, Tyresse have the expertise to find and fit your replacement for you. We can source near identical replacements for all types of Diamonds and non-precious gem stones.

Jewellery Polishing & Electro-Plating

Is your jewellery looking worn and no longer shining like it used to?

If you find your jewellery worn, faded or scratched, the first step to reviving your jewellery pieces is a jewellery polish.

Tyresse's Jewellery experts can polish out scratches and revive any piece of jewellery. Tyresse are experts at cleaning Diamonds and non-precious gemstones. To keep your jewellery in excellent condition all year round we reccomend regular jewellery cleaning. Read Tyresse's Top Tips for Cleaning your Jewellery..

Ring Claw Replacement

One of the most common repairs requested at Tyresse is Ring Claw replacement. Mens rings and womens rings are prone to damage so to avoid this it is important to properly clean and store your jewellery in a jewellery box or jewellery pouch when its not being worn. New claws are necessary to hold precious and non-precious stones in place, because no one wants a ring with a stone missing. 

Ring Repairs

In most cases, rings are bought to mark a special moment in our life whether thats marriage, engagement or even graduation. Think of the oversought diamond wedding ring, diamond engagement ring or bespoke customised ring.

Mens rings and Womens rings are also commonly passed down through family and hold significant value, more than any valuation could measure.

If your ring is damaged, Tyresse Jewellery Expert's can repair your ring. 

Our postal jewellery repair service is safe, guaranteed, fully insured & the quickest way to get your jewellery repaired by Tyresse's experts.

Contact us today to request your jewellery repair.