Custom Grillz Online Consultation

Ready to level up your smile? Enquire today about your customised grillz.

We don't just sell grillz, we create conversation starters.

Our expert artisans will craft bespoke custom grillz to your exact specifications. Book a virtual consultation call with Tyresse and lets discuss your vision, we can create a 3D CAD design so you can visualise how your bespoke custom grill will look once its completed.

Here's the process:

    1. Virtual Design: Tyresse will begin by creating a 3D CAD design of the custom grillz .
    2. Choose Your Metal: Tyresse will then assist you in selecting a base metal for your custom grillz.
    3. Complete a Mould Kit: Tyresse will then send you a simple mould kit with step by step instructions. No dentist visit needed!
    4. Custom grill creation: Once we receive your mould, Tyresse will craft your custom grillz within 4 weeks.

Our custom grillz are designed for comfort and style. They fit like a charm and won't irritate your pearly whites. Just remember, to keep them fresh, take them out and clean daily.

Ready to enhance your smile?

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