How To Mould And Fit Your Grillz

Grillz aren't just for your favourite rapper you can enhance your smile today with Tyresse's clip in grillz but before you take to the streets with your new smile you have to make sure those Grillz fit tight. This guide's here to break down how to mould and fit your grillz with confidence. 

What You Need to fit your grillz

  • Your Grillz
  • Molding material (Silicone mould)
  • A bowl of hot water (steamy, not boiling, around158°F / 70°C)

Step 1: 

that molding material (we call it the "fittin' mold" around here) into the designated slot on your Grillz. Think of it like the secret sauce for a custom fit.

Start by placing the white silicone gel in the slot of your grillz. Place your grillz and silicone mould together into 70-80 degrees hot water for about 15-30 seconds, until you see the silicone mould turn clear. (Do not use boiling water, otherwise the silicone gel can be damaged and unusable).

Step 2:

Take your Grillz out, dry them (they'll be hot!). Place the Grillz in your mouth, and line them up with your teeth. Bite down on the mold with a gentle force. This molds the material to the exact shape of your teeth, allowing for a snug and comfortable fitting.

Step 4: 

Once you have reached your desired look let the mold cool and set. Once the grillz have cooled off, its time to check your smile, If it ain't perfect yet, dont worry, you can repeat steps 2-5 until you reach your desired look.

After You Grill:

  • Once you're done stuntin', gotta keep your shine gleam like a diamond. Rinse your Grillz with warm water then let them dry completely before storing them in their protective case.
  • Sleep tight, Grillz out of sight. Take them out before you hit the hay to avoid any damage to your mouth or your grillz.
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