How to fit our Removable Hip-Hop Grillz

Removable Hip-hop Grillz are the perfect way to add a shine to your smile. But for that truly icy look, a perfect fit is crucial. Here's how to ensure your grillz sit comfortably and securely on your teeth.

How to Mould Grillz to your teeth

Unlike permanent grillz, Tyresse removable grillz utilize silicone moulding bars for a custom fit that can be worn anytime, any day. These silicone moulding bars ensure your grillz perfectly fit your teeth, even if you suffer from a missing tooth or crooked teeth. 

Step 1: Clean Your Teeth

Before you do anything with your Grillz head to the bathroom and clean your mouth and teeth thoroughly, Brush your teeth then floss, and rinse with water.

Step 2: Shape Your Grillz to fit your mouth

Gently bend the grillz to fit your mouth shape. Don't forget to bend out the hooks located at the bottom – these are the key to a secure and comfortable fit. Your grillz should follow the natural shape of your mouth for a seamless fit.

Step 3: The Grillz moulding process 

Now, the moulding process! Place the silicone moulding bar in the centre of your grillz, where your teeth will go. Gently press down to secure it. Using clean tweezers, carefully submerge the grillz and silicone bar into a bowl of hot water (around 165-175°F or 74-77°C). Boiling water is not advised, so stick to a moderate heat. Let the grillz and bar sit in the hot water until the moulding bar becomes transparent (This means it is ready to mould). Using your tweezers again, remove the grillz and bar from the water, shaking off any excess water.

Step 4: Secure Your Smile

Carefully place the grillz onto your teeth. Adjust them until they feel secure and comfortable and then softly close your jaws together. Imagine a firm handshake, not a vice grip. Don't hesitate to make slight adjustments for a perfect fit the silicone can actually be remoulded twice if necessary. Remember, a secure and comfortable fit is the key for long-lasting wear.


Still struggling to fit your Grillz or unsure if they will fit you once they arrive? Contact Tyresse Client Services and ask for assistance fitting your Hip-Hop Grillz.

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